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VILMEC IKE is active in the field of refineries, petroleum storage and handling, electricity generation, gas, water treatment plants, industries and industrial plants. Performs technical works in Greece and internationally as a main contractor or subcontractor to other technical companies.


The main tasks that VILMEC IKE performs in the projects it undertakes are:

Pipeline prefabrication and erection

Installation of mechanical equipment

Maintenance of sewage and water treatment plants

Prefabrication and erection of steel structures

Maintenance – Construction of fuel storage tanks

Sandblasting – paints


Also through affiliated companies it performs the following tasks according to the technical requirements of the projects.

Piping, tank and equipment insulation

Installation of instruments and automation

Electrical installations

Non-destructive testing

Civil engineering projects


VILMEC ΙΚΕ, based on the scientific training and accumulated experience of its founders in the field of technical projects in industry, aims to be the best choice for performing technical projects.

Working carefully


The construction sector is the future and we dream of it with Quality, Safety and Environment.


VILMEC PCC Management believes that the cost of achieving an efficient quality system is largely offset by the reduction of negative impacts and consequently improved company image in the market.


The main concern and permanent goal of the Management is the successful execution of the projects undertaken through safe practices as prescribed by law and which both minimize the potential for exposure of the Company’s personnel at risk while protecting their work and protecting the environment.

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